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F&B Performance Engineered Products, LLC (F&B) recognizes that engineers and new product developers require machined metal and plastic parts in the same timeframe as other prototype components. At F&B we endeavor to satisfy not only the need for dimensionally perfect parts to specification, but to deliver parts on-time at a competitive price.
F&B has been a family owned and operated business for 19 years. Together with founder Bruce Bridges and his staff who range in talents from; CNC machinists, tool makers, Micro Solderers to sales and marketing professionals, who only have one goal; to earn its customers trust each time; we speak on the phone, quote a job, make a part, ship a job, or solve any issue or concern.
Our employees have over 85 years of cumulative manufacturing experience. We rely on seasoned machinists and advanced technologies, to stream-line part manufacturing, and smooth out any problems. Our machinists can do any job in the shop, including programming, setting up all machining centers, and even ship out parts. Why is this important? Because we are a small American business! Each employee must wear many hats. Each employee’s critical knowledge gained through years of experience, ensure that your parts are made to specification, and get shipped on time, every time!
We use both CNC and manual machining technologies. Very frequently, when fabricating prototypes of low volume, CNC milling and turning technologies may be too expensive. Making those parts, on manual milling and turning machines, will save the customer money! The additional costs of setup and CNC programming are not applicable to manual operations. LMNJ’s staff of machinists have the skills to mill, turn or even turn/mill any part, using our in-house technology.
Perhaps one of the best qualities about F&B, are our customer’s interactions with us. We give our customers total accessibility to our facility, when running their parts. When we work with local customers, we are able to visit their facilities to understand their business and needs directly. Our customers also visit our facility, to better understand our capabilities. In turn they are able to develop a personal relationship with everyone in our company. Many of our customers will stop by just to say “Hello”, if they are in the area. When necessary, we even personally pick up and deliver work. If you find yourself in the area, please feel free to stop in, tour our shop, and get to know the staff. We will Guarantee a pleasant visit.
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