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Contract Manufacturing with F & B Performance Engineered Products

F&B Performance Engineered Products has been serving domestic and multi-national industries with precision machining since 2000. We specialize in the precise manufacturing of small parts made from plastic, steel, stainless steel, aircraft alloys, aluminum, titanium, or tungsten that require close tolerances of .001 or less. Learn more:
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Industrial Welding Services

CNC Machining

Kitting and Assembly

Welding is an essential skill for any metal fabricator. We employ skilled welders experienced in a full range of welding methods and project types.
Automated computer numerical control (CNC) machining enables cost effective manufacturing of custom parts in nearly any volume. CNC machining offers exceptional part-to-part repeatability, and our advanced fleet of CNC equipment can machine parts within desired tolerances.
We strive to offer end-to-end service to help our customers simplify vendor management and streamline production. To this end, we employ skilled assemblers that can handle intricate mechanical assemblies and create kits of related items for convenient sale.
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Metal Fabrication Services

• titanium machining
• steel machining
• aluminum machining
• stainless steel machining
• tool steel machining
• brass machining
• copper machining
F&B Performance Engineered Products is well-equipped to provide contract manufacturing services for high volume, ongoing production runs of machined components. We understand you can choose from many CNC machine companies, so we go the extra mile to earn and keep your business. With decades of machining experience, F&B offers you an extensive array of CNC machining equipment, seasoned machine shop engineering knowledge, and real-time job information online.

F&B Performance Engineered Products provides custom parts, machined components, and metal manufacturing for customers worldwide. Our machining services include:
• cnc machining services
• cnc cutting services
• cnc milling services
• grinding services
• turning services
• drilling services
• serving So-Cal since 2000
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